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Noisy Air Conditioner? Try This!

Noisy Air Conditioner? Try This!

When dealing with a noisy air conditioning system, there are multiple options you can try to see if they help cut down on the noise. In the occasion that these tips don’t work, you might consider replacing your air conditioning unit. In today’s article, we’ll dig into a common option used by homeowners when trying to cut down noise from their HVAC unit. Fencing!

One option many try is building a fence around a portion, or even the entire outside air conditioning unit. Before you go wild at your local home repair store, try putting up a temporary barrier to see how a fence might affect the noise issues you’re dealing with. If you find the noise to be cut down to an acceptable level, then you will want to build a more permanent and safer structure.

Because of storms and various types of weather, we do not recommend leaving your temporary barrier for an extended time. Your outdoor air conditioning unit requires at least 3 feet of space around it to allow it to breathe safely. If wind causes your temporary barrier to fall onto the HVAC unit, this can cause your condenser to overheat and break down, requiring an HVAC repair expert to come out and look at it for you.

Safety Warning: Shut off power to your HVAC unit before working around or inside it. If at any time you feel in over your head, consult an HVAC professional immediately.

When building a fence, ensure the boards are overlapping rather than allowing any sort of gap between the plywood. This will assist greatly in keeping the escaping sound to an acceptable level.

If you are unsure if your air conditioning or HVAC system can be quieted by a simple fence and you live in the Orlando FL area, then visit our friends at Davis Air Conditioning & Heating Inc, they would be happy to help you!

No matter what you decide, we hope you found this article informative and if you would like more information, visit our main site and explore more helpful tips and tricks including the latest in HVAC technology and news across the HVAC industry with Refrigeratyn Depot!