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Resideo is the New Corporate Name for Honeywell Homes' Standalone Company

Resideo Arises from Honeywell as Standalone

Resideo is the New Corporate Name for Honeywell Homes’ Standalone Company

Recently, Honeywell (HON) has come out and announced the corporate name for its Honeywell Homes product portfolio, as well as the ADI global distribution that Honeywell manages, when it becomes a publicly traded, standalone company by the end of this year. Under an extensive agreement, expected to last years, Honeywell has licensed its brand for usage by Resideo in both security hardware and home comfort technology, including the applicable software for both areas.

Thanks to this partnership, Resideo will enjoy the benefits of Honeywell Home’s extensive line of products. With more than 100,000 contractors within the Honeywell Home network, Resideo will be simultaneously investing in new avenues of training including both technical and sales, as well as forging ahead with new channel partner marketing and other investments that will allow them to service their customers and contractors like never before.

If you would like to learn more about Resideo, please visit their website at The Honeywell Home line of products for both homeowners and professional contractors is available for viewing at their website as well. Simply visit